While working at Hoopers I was also responsible for digital design, the creative maintenance of the website and the marketing potentials it could offer. For every design I created, a new strategy had to be implemented with regards to the windows, the in store collateral and of course digital design including all social media channels, the Hoopers website and emails sent on a bi-weekly basis to Hoopers customers across the stores (Wilmslow, Harrogate, Torquay and Tunbridge Wells)

Below you will find all the creative content which was used on the Hoopers website for each artistic creation. Colour me in, Spring ’15, Tropical Kitsch, and Bohemian Chic. We would redesign the website banners, the sliding banners, circles to update the current in-store deals, all social media profiles and backgrounds, and of course emails and gifs when necessary.
Digital Design Agatha O'Neill

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Digital Design Tropical Kitsch Agatha O'Neill

CMS Page Tropical Kitsch Agatha O'Neill
Digital Design Spring '15 Agatha O'Neill
CMS Page Spring '15 Agatha O'Neill
Digital Design Email Spring '15 Agatha O'Neill


Digital Design Digital Design Digital Design Digital Design

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